10 Codes
10-2 Loud and Clear
10-4 Received
10-6 Are you alone/can anybody else hear your radio?
10-8 In Service
10-9 Repeat last Transmission
10-10 Out of Service
10-15 Person in Custody
10-19 Return to station or precinct
10-20 Current Location
10-21 Phone Call
10-22 Disregard
10-28 Check Plate
10-33 Warrant
10-33F Felony Warrant
10-33M Misdemeanor Warrant
10-33V Stolen Vehicle
10-44 Let's meet up
10-47 Arrived
10-98 Mentally unstable person
10-99 Clear the air, emergency/priority traffic to follow
10-100 Bomb Threat
Police Response
Code 1 Request routine backup (no lights/sirens - non emergency)
Code 2 Request immediate backup within jurisdiction (lights and/or sirens)
Code 3 Officer needs assistance from any jurisdiction (lights and sirens)
Code 4 Status OK - No assistance needed
LE Law Enforcement
HBD Had been drinking or intoxicated
ATL Attempt to locate
MDT or MDC Mobile Dispatch Terminal/Center/Computer
MVC or MVA Motor Vehicle Crash/Accident
RP Reporting Party/Person
MP Mile Post
NB, SB Northbound, Southbound
EB, WB Eastbound, Westbound
DV Domestic Violence
VD Verbal Domestic
DOA Dead on Arrival
RO Registered Owner
RSO Registered Sex Offender
BLS Basic Life Support
ALS Advance Life Support
AMB BLS Ambulance
Fire Department Response
Code Green All units can cancel
Code Yellow Still respond non code (no lights/sirens)
Code Red Expedited Response (lights and sirens)
Level 1 On Scene - Staging
Fire Department Triage Report
Green Non-Injury
Yellow Minor Injury - Transport
Red Major Injury - Transport / Airlift
Black Deceased (DOA)

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