Abbreviations & Acronyms used

A/A Automatic Aid
A&D Armed & Dangerous
A/H All Hands Working
A/R Armed Robbery
Acc Accident
ACW All Companies Working
Addr Address
ADW Assault w/ Deadly Weapon
AHW All Hands Working
AKA Also Known As
Alm Alarm
ALS Advanced Life Support
AMA Patient Refusal Against Medical Advice
Apt Apartment
ARC American Red Cross
ARFF Air Rescue Fire Fighting
ASAP As Soon As Possible
Asst Assistance
ATF Buruea of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
ATL At This Location
ATL Attempt To Locate
ATT At This Time
Auth Authorities
Ave Avenue
B&E Breaking & Entering
BAC Blood Alcohol Concentration
BC Battalion Chief
BDL Break Down Lane
Bldg Building
BLEVE Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion
Blk Block or Black
BLS Basic Life Support
Blvd Boulevard
BOLO Be On The Lookout
Brk Brick Stucture
Burg Burglary
BYO By Orders Of
CAFS Compressed Air Form System
Capt Captain
CBS Concrete Block Structure
CCW Carrying Concealed Weapon
CD Center Divider
CISD Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
Cit Citizen
Civ Civilian
C/J Carjacking
CMP Canadian Mounted Police
Co Company
CO Carbon Monoxide
CO2 Carbon DiOxide
Command or CMD Command/Incident Commander
Comm Commercial Structure
Corr Corrected
CP Command Post
CSF Commercial Structure Fire
CSU Crime Scene Unit
Ctr Center
Cyn Canyon
DC Deputy Chief
Def Defensive
DEP Dept of Environmental Protection
Dept Department
DES Dept of Environmental Services
Det Detective(s)
DHS Dept of Homeland Security
Dist District
Disp Dispatched
Div Division
DL Drivers License
Dlyd Delayed
DOA Dead On Arrival/Deceased
DOF Direction of Flight
DOS Dead On Scene/Deceased
DOT Dept of Transportation
Dplx Duplex (2 Family Dwelling)
DTF Drug Task Force
DUI Driving Under the Influence
DV Domestic Violence
Dwell Dwelling
DWI Driving While Intoxicated
DWMH Double-Wide Mobile Home
E/B or EB East-Bound
EDP Emotionally Disturbed Person
Emer Emergency
EMS Emergency Medical Services
Enforce Enforcement
Eng Engine Company
Enrt Enroute
Entrap Entrapment
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EOD Explosives Ordinance Division (Bomb Team)
EOR End of Row
EOW End of Watch
ER Emergency Room
ESU Emergency Services Unit
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
Evac Evacuation
Exp Exposures
Ext Extension
Extd Extended
F/I Fully Involved
FAST Firefighter Assist & Search Team
FB Fireboat
FD Fire Department
FF Firefighter
FFS Forest Fire Service
FIU Fire Investigation Unit
Ft Foot or Feet
FTY Failure To Yeild
Fwy Freeway
Gen General
GCS Glascow Coma Scale
GOA Gone On Arrival
GSW Gun Shot Wound
Heli or Helo Helicopter
Hgt Height
HM or H/M Hazmat
HMTF Hazmat Task Force
Hosp Hospital
Hr Hour
HVAC Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning System
Hvy Heavy
Hwy Highway
IAB Internal Affairs
IAO In the Area Of
IC Incident Command(er)
IDLH Immediately Dangerous to Life & Health (Hazmat)
IED Improvised Explosive Device
IFE In Flight Emergency
IFO In Front Of
I/L Inner Loop
Ind or Indl Industrial
Info Information
Insp Inspector
Intox Intoxicated
Inj Injury
Inv or Invd Involved
Invest Investigating
IRO In the Rear Of
ISD Inspectional Services Division
IVO In the Vicinity Of
Jaws Jaws Of Life
JEO Just East Of
JNO Just North Of
Jr. Junior
JSO Just South Of
Juv Juvenile
JWO Just West Of
KD or K/D Knockdown
KPH Kilometers Per Hour
K9 or K-9 Canine Unit
Lad Ladder
LDH Large Diameter Hose
LHS Left Hand Shoulder
Lieut Lieutenant
Loc Location
LOC Loss Of Consciousness
LODD Line Of Duty Death
LOX Liquid Oxygen
LSO Line Stretched & Operating
LSW or L/S/W Last Seen Wearing
LS or L/S Last Seen
Lt Lieutenant or Light
Ltd Limited
LZ Landing Zone
MA or M/A Mutual Aid
Mag Magnitude
Matl Material
MC Motorcycle
MCI Mass Casualty Incident
ME Medical Examiner
MFD Multi-Family Dwelling
MH Mobile Home
Mi Mile(s)
Min Minute(s)
MOG Middle Of Group
MOI Mechanism Of Injury
MOR Middle Of Row
MOS Member Of Services
MPH Miles Per Hour
Mt Mount
Mtn Mountain
MU Marine Unit
MVA or MVC Motor Vehicle Accident / Collision
Narc Narcotics
NB or N/B North-Bound
Neg Negative
O/L Outer Loop
O/S On Scene
O/T Over-Turned
Occ Occupied or Occupant
OIC Officer In Charge
OIS Officer Involved Shooting
OMD Occupied Multiple Dwelling
Ops Operations
Orig Origin
Org Organized
OTS Over The Side
Part Partial
PD Police Department
Perp Perpetrator
P/I Personal Injury
PIA Personal Injury Accident
PIO Public Information Officer
PO Police Officer
POI Person Of Interest
Poss Possible
PPM Parts Per Million (Hazmat Term)
PPE Personal Protection Equipment
PPV Positive Pressure Ventilation
Prev Previous or Prevention
Prim Primary
Prod Product
Prop Property
Pt Patient or Patients
P/U Pick-up Truck
PWH Probably Will Hold
RA Rescue Ambulance
Resp Responding
Req Request or Requesting
rev Revised
RHS Right Hand Shoulder
RIT Rapid Intervention Team
R/O Roll-Over
ROS Rate Of Speed
RP Reporting Party/Person
SB or S/B South-Bound
S/C Special Call
S/T Strike Team
SAR Search & Rescue
Schl School
Smk Smoke
SO Sheriffs Office/Department
SOB Souls On Board
SOPS Special Operations
SP State Police/Patrol
Spklr Sprinkler
Sq or Sqd Squad
Sr Senior
SRO Single Room Occupancy
SRT Strategic Response Team or Special Response Team
SSC Strip Shopping Center
Sta or Stn Station
Subst Substance
Subj Subject
SUs Special Units
Susp Suspect
Svcs Services or Emergency Services
SWAT Special Weapons & Tactics
T/F or TF Task Force
TA Traffic Accident
TBA To Be Announced
TBD To Be Determined
TC Traffic Collision
Tech Technical
TIC Thermal Imagine Camera
TK or Trk Truck Company
TRO Temporary Restraining Order
TT Tractor Trailer
Txmtd Transmitted
U/C Under Control
UC Undercover
UAR Un-Armed Robbery
Univ University
Unk Unknown
U/D Update
USAF U.S. Air Force
USAR Urban Search & Rescue
USBP U.S. Border Patrol
USCG U.S. Coast Guard
USMC U.S. Marine Corps
USN U.S. Navy
UTL Unable To Locate
Vac Vacant
Veg Vegetation/Brush/Grass Fire
Veh Vehicle
Vic or Vict Victim
Vol Volunteer
vs Versus
VSA Vital Signs Absent
WB or W/B West-Bound
W/I Well Involved
WC Watch Commander
WDFR Wood Frame Structure
W/F Working Fire
WHSE Warehouse
Wit Witness
WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
WSF Washington State Ferry
WSP Washington State Patrol
YO or Y/O Year Old
# Symbol to indicate Pounds

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